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Salinity induced haematological infection in india white shrimp, Fennerpenaeus indicus (H. Mine-Edwards, 1837)
Asian Fisheries Science (Malaysia), 25 (2), p. 170-179
Journal Contribution
Isolation and biomedical screening of the tissue extracts of two Marine Gastropods Hemifusus pugilinus ( Born, 1778) and Nitica didyma (Roding, 1798)
Asian Fisheries Science (Malaysia), 25 (2), p. 158-169
Journal Contribution
Feeding habits of fishes in the Pengkalan Gawi-Pulau Dula section of Kenyir Lake Terengganu, Malaysia
Asian Fisheries Science ( Malaysia), 25 (2), p. 144-157
Journal Contribution
Effects of stocking density of all-male Macrobrachium rosenbergii (De Man, 1879) in polyculture ponds on production and economics
Asian Fisheries Science (Malaysia), 25 (2), p. 133-143
Journal Contribution
Length-weight relationship and condtion factor of Heterobranchus lingifilis Valenciennes, 1840, reared in tank and earthen ponds
Asian Fisheries Science (Malaysia), 25 (2), p. 124-132
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