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Title: Hymenopteran abundance and diversity from three altitudes at Gunung Janing Barat, Endau-Rompin, Malaysia
Authors: Tan, C.L.
Khashiyah, M.H.
Aminah, I.
Jayprakash, P. (MARDI, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Central Research Laboratories Div.)
Issue Date: 1992
Citation: Malayan Nature Journal (Malaysia), 45 (1-4), p. 225-229
Abstract: The Hymenoptera, considered as one of the most economically important orders of insects and of primary importance to man, were collected using 'Malaise traps' during the 1985/86 Endau-Rompin Expedition at three different altitudes along Gunung Janing Barat at 20 m, 217 m and 408 m above sea level (ASL) respectively. Along Gunung Janing Barat, vegetation at 20 m and 217 m ASL comprise of lowland dipterocarp forest dominated by species of Dipterocarpus-Shorea-Elateriospermum, whereas at 408 m ASL the vegetation in the Livistona-dominated forest is mainly Livistona-Gluta-Eugenia. At each of these altitudes a Malaise trap was placed in-situ for a duration of one month. Insect specimens trapped were collected at biweekly intervals and preserved in bottles containing 80 percent ethyl alcohol. These were brought back to the laboratory for sorting and identification. The month's collection from the traps at the three altitudes were sorted and specimens identified to family level. Hymenopoterans of the sub-order Apocrita (Parasitica and Aculeata) made up more than 99 percent of the total hymenopterans collected at all the three altitudes. The number of hymenopterans collected at 20 m, 217 m and 408 m ASL along Gunung Janing Barat for one month were 304, 276 and 152 species respectively.
URI: http://agris.upm.edu.my:8080/dspace/handle/0/4750
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