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Title: Use of riceberry bran to reduce oil absorption in puffed cracker
Authors: Jiamjariyatam, R.
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: International Food Research Journal (Malaysia), 26 (2), p. 441-450
Abstract: A novel ingredient, riceberry bran (RB), was studied for its high fibre content in order to evaluate its potential to reduce oil content in puffed crackers. The objective of the present work was to study the effect of different ratios of tapioca starch (TS) and RB on the physical and chemical quality and sensorial characteristics of puffed cracker. The ratio of TS to RB used in the present work were 100:0, 75:25, 50:50, 25:75 and 0:100. The expansion ratio and oil absorption significantly decreased with increasing RB ratio. The minimum expansion was shown in cracker made with a ratio of 0:100. The amount of oil absorption decreased with increasing fibre content in the pellet. In term of sensorial descriptive analysis, adding RB resulted in increased hardness, but significant decreased in expansion. It was also found that puffed cracker made with a ratio of 75:25 scored the highest in appearance, colour, taste, flavour, crispness and overall preference. Furthermore, there was a decrease in acceptance among consumers with increasing ratio of RB. Therefore, it is henceforth suggested that RB should be included no more than 50%.
License: http://www.oceandocs.org/license
URI: http://agris.upm.edu.my:8080/dspace/handle/0/19389
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ISSN: 2231-7546
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