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Title: Influence of phase morphology on the properties of natural rubber and epoxidised natural rubber blends
Authors: Haidzir A. R.
Gelling, I. R.
Freakley, P. K.
Issue Date: 1994
Citation: Journal of Natural Rubber Research, 9 (4), p. 213-225
Abstract: The degree of compatibility of two rubbers is important in determining morphology and mechanical properties of blends made from them. A study has been undertaken on the compatibility of natural rubber (NR) and epoxidised natural + rubber (ENR) and the morphology and properties obtained from blends of these two materials. The blends studied covered a wide range of compositions. A blend produced in the latex phase was also investigated. Over a range of compositions, the blends + exhibited the glass transition temperatures associated with the individual components, determined on differential scanning calorimetry and dynamic mechanical thermal analyser (DMTA). The morphology of the blends was ascertained from the size of the DMTA + dynamic loss angle peaks. The major loss angle peak is associated with the continuous phase and the minor loss angle peak with the discrete phase. A co-continuous phase occurred with the following compositions - 60:40 NR/ENR 50; 70:30 ENR 25/ENR 50 and + 50:50 ENR 31/ENR 43 (produced from latex blending). Phase contrast microscopic studies substantiated these morphological structures. High damping (hysteresis) was established over a wide temperature bandwidth for blends of 70:30 ENR 25/ENR 50 and 50:50 + ENR 31/ENR 43. This type of behaviour is beneficial in practical applications. The mechanical properties of the blends are largely determined by phase morphology and this is particularly marked with regard to air permeability and tear strength.
License: http://www.oceandocs.org/license
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ISSN: 0127-7065
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