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Title: Genetic parameters of carcass traits and ultrasound measures in Hanwoo
Authors: Lee, D. H.
Choy, Y. H.
Baik, D. H.
Kim, H. C.
Jeon, G. J.
Jung, Y. H.
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Malaysian Society of Animal Production
Citation: New Dimensions and Challenges for Sustainable Livestock Farming: Proceedings of the 11th Animal Science Congress: Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), 5-9 Sept, 2004, p. 585-586
Abstract: Hanwoo steers on progeny test stations were scanned with classic ultrasound scanner for their back fat thickness, loin eye area and marbling scores. Estimates of heritabilities, genetic and phenotypic correlations are listed in Table 1. Heritability estimates of carcass measures and ultrasound measures were similar. Genetic correlation coefficients between carcass measures and ultrasound measures of rib eye area, back fat thickness and marbling scores were 0.791, 0.974 and 0.859, respectively, which is supportive of applying ultrasound on live animals with considerable accuracy.
License: http://www.oceandocs.org/license
URI: http://agris.upm.edu.my:8080/dspace/handle/0/14463
ISBN: 983-995-1998
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