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Title: The economic benefits of renewable energy in the Malaysian context
Authors: Rusinah Siron
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Pusat Penerbitan Universiti (UPENA), Universiti Teknologi Mara
Citation: Issues and research in science: advanced materials and energy, p. 511-522
Abstract: The term `renewable energy` refers to the generation of heat and electricity from natural resources that are not depleted over time. Renewable energy is the cornerstone of a sustainable society - that is, a society that can enjoy healthy economy and a clean environment over many generations. Developing and using renewable energy generate a wide variety of economic benefits, especially in job creation and skill development, renewable energy projects demand skilled and general workers and there will be spillover effects to the areas surrounding the projects, providing new jobs to the locals. The small-scale renewable projects are often located close to where the energy is used, while the big-scale projects, such as the PERGAU Dam, can enhance the economy of their surrounding areas and improve the standard of living of the populace living there. This chapter attempts to identify the economic benefits of renewable energy in the Malaysian economic environment.
License: http://www.oceandocs.org/license
URI: http://agris.upm.edu.my:8080/dspace/handle/0/13887
ISBN: 967-958-145-4
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