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TitleTypeIssue Date
H5N1 Vaccination in poultry : Background and update
Proceeding of the International Conference on Animal Health and Human Safety: Palm Garden IOI Resort Putrajaya (Malaysia), 6-8 Dec 2009, p. 19-23
Proceedings Paper2009
A habit hard to break [tobacco industry in Malaysia]
Investors Digest (Malaysia), p. 20-21
Journal Contribution1995
The habitat of Acacia auriculiformis and probable factors associated with its distribution
Journal of Tropical Forest Science (Malaysia), 3 (2), p. 159-180
Journal Contribution1990
Habitat preferences of the bornean horned frog, Megophrys nasuta (Schlegel, 1858) (Anura: megophryidae) in Sarawak
Journal of Sustainability Science and Management (Malaysia), 14 (4), p. 25-37
Journal Contribution2019
Habitat requirements for the Malayan gaur (Bos gaurus hubbacki)
Journal of Wildlife and Parks, 1 (1), p. 7-15
Journal Contribution1982
Habitat requirements of migratory birds in the Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve, Perak
Journal Of Tropical Forest Science, 30 (3), p. 304-311
Journal Contribution2018
Habitat suitability index model: Seladang (Bos gaurus hubbacki)
Journal of Wildlife and Parks, 3 (1), p. 68-74
Journal Contribution1984
Habitat use and movement activity of Neolissochilus soroides and Channa lucius during post inundation of Tembat Reservoir, Hulu Terengganu
Pertanika Journal Tropical Agricultural Science (Malaysia), 44 (3), p. 503-526
Journal Contribution2021
Habitat utilization of a translocated Malayan tapir in Senaling Inas Forest Reserve, Negeri Sembilan
Journal of Sustainability Science and Management (Malaysia), 14 (4), p. 52-57
Journal Contribution2019
Habitat’s effects on biomass content of Gelam (Melaleuca cajuputi Maton & Sm. Ex R. Powell subsp. Cumingiana (Turcz.) Barlow; Myrtaceae)
Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation (Malaysia), 18, p. 203-213
Journal Contribution2021
HaeIII-RFLP Polymorphism of growth hormone gene in Savanna and Kalahari goats
Malaysian Journal Of Animal Science (Malaysia), 15 (1), p. 13-19
Journal Contribution2012
Haematological alterations in Penaeus monodon artificially infected with white spot syndrome virus (WSSV)
Asian Fisheries Science Journal (Malaysia), 22 (4), p. 1005-1014
Journal Contribution2009
Haematological and behavioural responses of growing pigs to quantitative feed restriction
Malaysian Journal Of Animal Science (Malaysia), 23 (1), p. 31-40
Journal Contribution2020
Haematological and histopathological evaluation of dried kacangma (Leonurus sibiricus) in New Zealand White rabbits
Journal of Tropical Agriculture and Food Science, 45 (1), p. 51-59
Journal Contribution2017
Haematological and serum indices, carcass traits and sensory evaluation of meat derived from broiler chickens fed Zymomonas mobilis treated corn cobs
Malaysian Journal of Animal Science (Malaysia), 23 (2), p. 47-61
Journal Contribution2020
Haematology of the Malaysian jungle fowl (Gallus gallus spadiceus)
Pertanika (Malaysia), 8 (1), p. 123-126
Journal Contribution1985
Haemoparasites of domestic poultry and wild birds in Selangor, Malaysia
Malaysian Journal of Veterinary Research (Malaysia), 5(1), p. 43-51
Journal Contribution2014
Haemopoietic function and flowcytometry of pronephric kidney in Clarias batrachus L. under the impact of organophosphate- sumidon 40
The Journal of the Asian Fisheries Society (Malaysia), 23 (2), p. 125-135
Journal Contribution2010
Hair follicle atrophy prevents speedy recovery from severe sarcoptic mange
Jurnal Veterinar Malaysia (Malaysia), 7 (1), p. 31
Journal Contribution1995
'Halal' food must be confirmed
Dewan Masyarakat (Malaysia), 36 (7), p. 17
Journal Contribution1998
Showing results 10449 to 10468 of 23923


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